In his first couple of years with the Cowboys, former Mississippi State quarterback wreaked havoc on NFL defenses. Now, faced with some adversity through the 2018 season, the Dallas signal caller seems to be having a tough time.

Despite Prescott’s struggles, owner Jerry Jones remains confident in his quarterback.

“I’ve seen him do the things that give you long-term promise for a quarterback,” Jones said on his weekly radio show. “He’s extraordinarily diligent in his preparation. He carries preparation as good as anybody I’ve ever seen from the class room to the practice field, and then from the practice field to the game.”

Jones also praised Prescott’s work ethic, saying that he pushes himself more than anyone else on the team.

“That’s a huge ingredient when it comes to the quarterback. He needs to be able to, frankly, outwork everybody, and he does.”

Prescott’s base salary this season is $630,000, and that number is bumped up to $720,000 in 2019.

Based on Jones’s comments, though, Prescott still seems to be worth a lot more according to the Cowboys’ owner.

“He does have all the tools,” Jones said. “He’s got the arm. He’s got the size. He’s does have passing instincts. And of course if you were going to complain or critique, you have to look at what we’ve done passing in those last 10 games. But I know where we’re trying to go with him and the receiver corps.”

If Jones is serious about what he says, then he’ll eventually have to shell out an amount of money that backs up what he affirmed on Friday.

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