Greg Knox first mentioned the great group of seniors at Mississippi State, who took control of the team, especially after the firing of Zach Arnett.

After the loss to Ole Miss on Thursday, Knox reflected on the season for the Bulldogs.

“Great group of seniors that took control, led this team. I can’t thank them enough for all they did through the tough times,” Knox said. “They did everything they could to hold this team together and I appreciate them.”

As an interim coach, Knox shared his reaction to how the players handled the coaching change and his role.

“We took on an 11-day journey and I thought the learned a lot,” he said. “… I’m very proud of this group of guys and they bought into what I was selling.”

Will Rogers, who could have played in his final game with the Bulldogs, praised Knox.

“It would have been so easy to quit after everything that we’ve been through on and off the field. People can say what they want to, but we’re not quitters,” Rogers said. “Coach Knox did a really good job. I’m proud of the team and the real fighters. It would have been easy to tap out and let a really good team come here and walk all over us. I gave it my all.”