Based on the phone conversation Raiders head coach Jon Gruden had with his new rookie defensive back, Johnathan Abram, the two are already kindred spirits.

If you missed it on Thursday night, the Raiders selected the Mississippi State defensive back with the 27th overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. Abram was the third and final Hail State defender selected in the first round of the latest NFL Draft.

Gruden was the one making the calls for the Raiders organization during the draft to inform players they were about to become official selections into the NFL. Gruden’s call to Abram was a mix of a congratulatory call with a slight hint of hazing. After informing Abram he was Oakland’s man at No. 27, the Raider coach said this to the Mississippi State standout.

“Just know this, I’m going to be calling plays against you this spring. I can’t wait to get after your ass, man,” Gruden said.

The only thing better than Gruden’s comment was Abram’s response.

“I’m gonna light your ass up,” Abram responded.


Check out the exchange below courtesy of the Raiders: