If you missed the end of the Egg Bowl last night, you missed an ending so bizarre, it could only happen in this rivalry.

Of course the latest edition of the rivalry came down to an extra point that was pushed back due to an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for a taunting celebration.

Why not put your team at a clear disadvantage at the cost of mocking them? That’s something Elijah Moore will have to answer for the rest of his career in Oxford.

After scoring a touchdown with four seconds remaining to bring Ole Miss within one point, Moore mocked the Bulldogs by pretending to lift his leg in a peeing fashion — something we’ve seen in this game before. The result was a 15-yard penalty that pushed the extra point back and led to Ole Miss kicker Luke Logan missing the kick.

If you passed out early from all that Thanksgiving Day turkey and missed it, you can view the wild ending here.

Following that incredible exchange, Kylin Hill could not pass up the opportunity to send out his savage response to seeing a picture of Logan after he missed the extra point.