Memphis is certainly getting plenty of mileage over the botched punt coverage play for Mississippi State that led to a 94-yard touchdown.

The latest came from running back Rodrigues Clark, who shared on social media a picture of a Mississippi State player touching the ball, but now downing it and handing it to a nearby official.

“Pick the ball up and hand it to ref … it’s the little things my guy. We well coached in all 3 phases.”

Two Mississippi State players touched the ball inside the 10-yard line, and a nearby official tossed a bean bag, however, the players never downed the ball. That’s when Calvin Austin III scooped it up, and weaved down the sideline to score.

By rule, the kicked ball was live, a statement from the SEC read. Then the statement referred to an “inadvertent” call to “stop the clock,” which was reviewable and play should have been stopped.

Overall, there have been multiple statements, including from the SEC, the Bulldogs and Mississippi State AD John Cohen.