Mike Leach’s Mississippi State Bulldogs were pounded by the Alabama Crimson Tide Saturday night 30-6. The lone Bulldogs touchdown came on the last play of the game as time expired.

The usually always entertaining Air Raid offense was held at bay by Nick Saban’s defense. Will Rogers completed 30-of-60 passes for 231 yards. The Bulldogs ground game mounted just 62 yards. MSU also committed 10 penalties for 100 yards, and the offense finished just 7-of-22 on third down.

In the last 3 meetings, Saban’s Tide has outscored Leach’s Bulldogs 120-15.

Following the game, below is everything Leach said about Alabama.

On the offensive struggles …

“I don’t think we played well. I don’t think we played well at all. I’ll tell you one thing that they do that gives us trouble, we’ve got some guys who are afraid of the jersey that says Alabama on it. We spend a lot of time frightened with their jerseys. You want to scare some of the guys on our team? Put an Alabama jersey on and it’ll scare the hell out of them.”

On how he fixes that …

“It means hanging them (Alabama jerseys) in their lockers or something. There are other really good teams that we’re not afraid of their jerseys, but we’re afraid of Alabama’s jerseys.”

What Alabama’s defense did to disrupt Mississippi State’s offense …

“They were more physical. They used their hands better than we did. They shoved us around. The first half we just took it. The second half we battled back a little, but it was kind of disjointed and feeble.”