Most higher learning facilites in Mississippi will soon require all of its employees to receive a COVID-19 vaccine or face termination.

On Monday, the state’s Institutes of Higher Learning Board of Trustees, which includes Mississippi State University in its jurisdiction, voted 9-3 to require those employed by colleges and universities that receive funding from the U.S. government to be vaccinated. They will have until Dec. 8 to receive the vaccine, in keeping with the federal mandate that was originally voted against by the state but receiving approval on Monday to cover just faculty and not students.

Of course, this includes Mike Leach. Mississippi State’s head coach was asked if he had a comment on the decision during his Monday media availability.

“I don’t,” he replied, according to 247Sports. “The whole COVID vaccine thing bounces all over the place. It’d be like commenting on each hit in a tennis match. So, I don’t have any comment.”

Mississippi’s mandate is notable in the college football world since Nick Rolovich, Leach’s successor at Washington State, was terminated for his failure to receive the shot as Washington rolled out a similar mandate for its higher education employees.

Leach in the past has declined to discuss whether he has had the vaccine or not.