Mike Leach’s Mississippi State Bulldogs are out of the loss column with a 24-17 win over Vanderbilt, but it could not have been uglier for the MSU offense. The Commodores out-gained Leach and company’s Air Raid attack 478 yards to just 204.

The lackluster offense came up in Leach’s postgame press conference. Leach wasn’t amused, taking a defensive approach and calling out “impatient” fans. Ben Portnoy of The Dispatch shared the transcribed press conference answer, below:

“Well, I mean every job that I’ve ever had, all I promised was to give my very best and they’ve certainly gotten that. But I get a kick out of fans feel like they’re upset about something. They ought to try it from the players’ and coaches’ standpoint. I talked about it on the radio show. It’s like breakfast: the chicken is involved but the pig is committed. Coaches and players, we’re like the pigs.

“But I certainly appreciate our fan support. There were cowbells. I thought we had a great crowd. I thought they did a great job as far as lifting our team at key times, inspiring us on all sides of the ball, because there were key contributions on all three sides of the ball and that was key.

“But you know those that aren’t onboard are impatient. Maybe they can select another team or maybe they can go coach their own team and I think that you can evaluate how their team does and see how it all shakes out.”

Leach and company will look to get a winning streak going, with some better offensive numbers, next week against Auburn.