Mike Leach knows when the Air Raid offense is going well, and on Saturday in the Mississippi State win over Kentucky, the running game took the lead and got the Bulldogs on track.

He was asked after the game by Cole Cubelic on the SEC Network if that was a trick for the normally pass-heavy offense.

“Not really a trick, you take what the defense gives us, and I thought that these guys, I know that they’re really good against the run, but we felt like they were going to have to drop some people to cover the pass,” Leach said. “It was a thing where we were lucky enough to get them, I thought, a little off balance, and then run, pass, kind of mixed it up. Executing key plays is what allowed that to happen, not really a rushing play or a passing play, and converting third downs was really key to us today.”

State was 7-for-12 on third down conversions, but Will Rogers had an impressive showing.

“I thought he had a lot of help,” Leach said. “I thought other than penalties, I thought we protected pretty good, and then the receivers bounced around and did their job. I thought Woody Marks played well, in key situations did some good things.

He was then asked if kids should re-think their Halloween costumes and go as Will Rogers, who was 36-for-39 passing for 344 yards and a touchdown.

“They can, who wouldn’t want to be Will Rogers,” Leach said. “I think your kid had it right, but I think Will Rogers, that’s kind of a Treasure Island sort of a name, Will Rogers. That would work out good.”