Mike Leach reviewed the loss at LSU last week, and gave a variety of reasons for why Mississippi State struggled in the game.

The Tigers erased a 13-point deficit on their way to a 31-16 victory over Mississippi State on Saturday night.

“I didn’t think we were great either half. I don’t think we got into a rhythm as a team,” Leach said on the SEC coaches media teleconference. “… We’d have some plays, but they’re always just sort of guys playing hard and frantic and then we’d make a play. I didn’t think we ever consistently executed. I think we spent a lot time playing with 9 guys instead of 11.”

Among the issues for State were they particularly struggled on fourth down because of a muffed punt, a holding call that wiped out an 88-yard kickoff return several dropped passes. Will Rogers also had a fourth-quarter interception, as he finished 24 of 42 for 214 yards and one TD.