Coach Mike Leach gets a real taste of the SEC in his first road trip with Mississippi State when the Bulldogs travel to LSU in a couple weeks. But it won’t be the Tiger Stadium that’s known for ear-splitting noise and a raucous environment.

Still, Leach said on The Paul Finebaum Show on Monday that the Bulldogs would still prepare for crowd noise across the SEC, even though to start the season, most stadiums will be around 20 to 25 percent capacity.

“We’re going to get ready for it anyway the best we can,” Leach said. “One, is you want to practice and be ready anyway, because I’m not altogether sure the fans are going to be out the entire season. I know they are now. But if this things goes smoothly, it wouldn’t surprise me if more fans get incorporated but there’s got to be some confidence and security that people are going to be safe. The other thing is the more you can do non-verbally, the more efficient the communication under fire. We try to zero in on that no matter what anyway.”

Earlier in the conversation, Leach discussed the possibility of playing at all, since it seemed in peril only months earlier.

“We’re definitely excited about the fact we get to play,” Leach said. “But the science has been all over the map. Everybody wants everybody to be safe, and everybody wants to do it the safest way possible, there’s no question about that, but by the same token, some seem to take great lengths to try to make our society as joyless as possible. So somewhere I think in between is the proper course. It does kind feel like we haven’t fully found that, although we haven’t had too many cases here. Those guys that get it, get better.”