After Kylin Hill helped spurn action, it didn’t take Mississippi’s lawmakers long to come to a conclusion when it came to the state’s controversial state flag.

Not even restrictions from the SEC, the NCAA and C-USA were able to move the needle much inside the state of Mississippi but after Hill threatened to never represent Mississippi State again if the flag wasn’t changed, many are praising the SEC’s leading returning rusher for getting state leaders to finally move on from the Confederate flag.

Paul Finebaum is among those crediting Hill for being the spark that resulted in Mississippi changing its state flag. The SEC Network host said this moment in time should not be overlooked when it comes to its significance.

“I think this was one of the most significant moments in the history of not only Mississippi, but in relation to the South and intercollegiate athletics,” Finebaum said during a Monday appearance on ESPN’s ‘Outside the Lines.’ “This was a landmark moment, and hopefully the last time we say this was a landmark moment.

“But just days before, talking to people in that state with deep ties to the political past, they were saying this was not going to happen. And it did happen and it happened in a matter of days, and it was significant, and I think it will resonate for many many years and Kylin Hill deserves all the credit. All the credit, he deserves.”

Finebaum’s comments echo those of SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey, who had called for Mississippi to change its state flag in recent weeks. After Mississippi announced its flag would be changed, the league commissioner issued the following statement:

“I am proud of our universities’ leadership, and the engagement of student-athletes and coaches in the efforts to change the State of Mississippi flag,” Sankey said. “The agreement to remove the Confederate battle emblem from the flag is a positive and appropriate action, and I applaud the Mississippi House of Representatives and Senate for today’s action. I am also grateful for Governor Reeves’ openness to sign a bill to change the flag. As I have frequently said, our students deserve the opportunity to learn and compete in welcoming environments. Today’s action is welcomed in the spirit of this goal.”