Mississippi State’s decision to admit five-star defensive end Jeffery Simmons despite video of him using physical force against woman involved in a domestic dispute has been one of the most discussed topics in college football recently. Members of the media, including at Saturday Down South, and fans from around the country have criticized the decision, and now the discussion has found its way to the recruiting trail.

When Connor Smolensky of SEC Country caught up with three-star CB D.J. Brown, a Penn State commit who MSU is hoping to flip, he asked if the Bulldogs prospect agreed with the school’s handling of the situation and if it would affect his chances of attending Mississippi State.

Smolensky reports the Simmons controversy doesn’t take the Bulldogs off Brown’s board:

The Creekside High School (Fairburn, Ga.) native wasn’t exactly on board with the handling of the situation, but said it wouldn’t impact his decision to attend the university.

Brown does, however, think the school should have done more:

“Domestic abuse isn’t something to play with,” Brown said. “ I think he should have been suspended a little bit longer than just a game. If he learned his lesson then he learned his lesson.

“I would say [he should have been suspended] at least two games because hitting a women, that’s not cool right there. It’s different from not going to class. Hitting a women is something serious. You can go to jail for that.”

Mississippi State coach Dan Mullen and AD Scott Stricklin recently addressed the decision to admit and suspend Simmons.