The SEC apparently wants less cowbell.

At least that’s what a new conference-wide rule will enforce.

According to, the SEC’s Executive Committee passed a proposal that will forbid teams to make artificial noise once the center puts his hand on the ball. That’ll be a change from the previous rule, which vaguely stated that artificial noise couldn’t occur once the center “took his place over the ball.”

The change was made to make it easier to enforce violations. What’ll be interesting to see is how officials choose to enforce it. Could we see flags for cowbells in 2018?

First-year Mississippi State coach Joe Moorhead told that the Bulldogs will certainly follow any new rules put in place.

“I know we’re regulating, but there’s some discussions made relative to artificial noise and the timing of when you need to cut it off,” Moorhead said. “Ultimately, we’ll have to abide by it.”

The question is, will Mississippi State fans have that same mindset?