New details are surfacing regarding a fight involving Mississippi State quarterback Dak Prescott and other members of the Bulldogs football team while on a spring break trip to Panama City Beach, Florida.

According to a report in the Jackson Clarion-Ledger Wednesday, Nichole Davis, a freshman at MSU also enjoying a spring break trip to Panama City Beach, encountered a man in a parking lot near the beach shortly after the fight took place.

The man in question was boasting about having just beaten up Prescott and his teammates when Davis encountered him. The Clarion-Ledger report quotes Davis as saying “he came over and he just yelled, ‘Me and some other guys just beat (Prescott’s) (expletive) in the parking lot.'”

Because the man was intoxicated, Davis shrugged off the encounter. But upon watching video footage of the altercation, she recognized him and his role in the brawl. The report only recognizes the man as Twitter user @str8fam_dwilson.

Prescott also reportedly confirmed the profile picture for that account matched the identity of the man from the fight.

Davis said the man told her Prescott was “talking trash” to the man and his friends. Mississippi State spokesman Bill Martin told the Clarion-Ledger the attacks were unprovoked.

Prescott and his teammates returned to Starkville on Monday night. They reportedly did not suffer any serious injuries and opted not to press charges following the incident.