Rick Neuheisel recounted a conversation he had with Mike Leach that was unrelated to football.

Leach was known to have many interests outside of football. Neuheisel explained how Leach was able to have interests outside of college football.

While appearing on Sirius XM ESPN U Radio, Neuheisel talked about his appreciation for Leach and brought up some key memories that they shared together.

“What a bright light he was in the coaching industry where so many of us just get completely lost in football. He was able to stay above that,” Neuheisel said.

Neuheisel detailed one text exchange that they had in July about the movie “Point Break.” The movie, which featured Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze, also had elements of football in it. For the movie, Neuheisel served as a football expert on the film’s set to help with the football scenes. While Leach was watching the movie in July, he remembered Neuheisel’s role in the film and asked him what it was like to be part of the movie.

In the text to Neuheisel, Leach said, “This is Mike Leach. Just watched the movie Point Break. What in the world was it like to be the football advisor on the movie?”

Neuheisel responded how fun it was to teach Reeves how to throw a football and Leach continued to ask more questions about the making of the film.

Leach was in his 3rd season at Mississippi State before he passed away.