Following the biggest news in the college football this week, Missouri has been handed a one-year postseason ban along with several recruiting restrictions, put on three years of probation, and could be forced to deal with the possibility of seniors leaving via transfer with restriction, Barry Odom met with the media to address the situation on Friday.

Mizzou’s message has remained consistent through the process, as the school feels the Committee on Infractions went overboard considering the school’s cooperation in all aspect of the NCAA’s investigation into alleged academic misconduct by a single tutor over a one year span. The school is currently in the process of appealing the penalties.

The SEC has also issued its support of Missouri following the NCAA’s decision to come down hard on the school’s athletic programs.

Here is what Odom had to say about the COI’s harsh penalties enforced on Missouri that were announced on Thursday.

“There’s adversity in life and that’s one of the reasons I’m in the chair that I’m in, because of the opportunity to take circumstances and experiences and navigate your guys through that,” Odom said. “You teach them lessons and understand life. Things are handed to you that aren’t fair. That’s the way life is. What are you going to do about it?”

“There isn’t anyone sitting around saying, ‘Oh, poor pitiful Missouri.’ I guarantee you. Bring it on and I look forward to navigating through this process and building the best team we can going into 2019.”

Missouri’s coach was then asked when he found out about the penalties and Odom said he learned of them on Thursday morning. He then acted quickly to get the message out to his coaching staff, who were out on the road recruiting, and his players who are currently on campus working out leading up to spring football.

“The message was going out fairly quickly so I wanted my staff to know, who was on the road recruiting at the time recruiting all over the country, finishing up this year’s recruiting class. As important as letting them know, communicating with our staff, I wanted our team to hear from me,” Odom continued. “So we had a team meeting at 11 a.m.

“At that point, I gave them as much information as I had and I was very open and honest like I have been everything with them. Then I kept the seniors afterward from there and last night I got the seniors together again and had more communication with them on our approach and on navigating and working our way through this.”

Odom was then asked what his message was to the team.

“There’s going to be an appeals process that we’re going to fight with everything we’ve got and we’ll see how that plays out,” he answered.

The COI has recommended that Missouri seniors be allowed to transfer without restrictions, as was done at Ole Miss for both seniors and juniors when the Rebels were handed down a two-year postseason ban in 2016. Odom was asked if any of his players have expressed interest in leaving Missouri’s program following the news.

“I don’t have any indication that any players are leaving at this time,” Odom answered. He then revealed that other programs have been in contact with some of his seniors.

“I don’t think I’ll get surprised by any,” he continued. “I know there have been a number of schools that have reached out to a heavy percentage of them, that’s noted.”

Here is what Odom had to say on the latest with the appeals process:

“There’s people working around the clock to put the plan and appeal together, I don’t know of the exact time of the filing,” Odom added. “I know we have a lot of information (to research).”

Finally, Odom noted that none of his current players are involved in any of the allegations the NCAA listed following their investigation.

He even ended his presser with a light-hearted comment for the media in attendance.

“I’ll have a depth chart for you guys soon,” he joked before exiting the press conference.