NFL quarterbacks often make big jumps in their second seasons. We’ve seen it from Patrick Mahomes, Carson Wentz and Lamar Jackson in recent years.

In fact, Mahomes (2018) and Jackson (2019) were in their second years when they won the MVP award. So, which quarterback could make a big jump this season to win MVP?

On Wednesday, FOX Sports host Colin Cowherd was asked that question, and he said he’s going with former Mizzou QB (and current Denver Broncos QB) Drew Lock:

“It comes down to Kyler Murray and Drew Lock,” he said. “I’m going to eliminate Murray. It’s a team award. … Let me concentrate on Drew Lock. Most of you didn’t watch him because Denver was bad early. He started 5 games — he won 4. He had over a 2-to-1 touchdown (to interception) ratio. That’s with a bad left tackle. He completed 64% of his throws. And here’s what I like — he’s got a young tight end. That’s a position that struggles in Year 1 in the NFL in Noah Fant. I think Noah Fant is going to be a star. …

“He also has a great young receiver that you don’t know much about from SMU in Cortland Sutton. … They drafted 2 wide receivers to support him, 1 of them my favorite receiver in the draft in Jerry Jeudy. They, after adding Melvin Gordon, have 2 borderline Pro Bowl-level running backs. …

“My guess is Drew Lock is going to explode for Denver this year. … I’m going to bet on Drew Lock.”

Will Cowherd’s prediction come true? Will Lock compete for an MVP award this year? Hopefully we’ll get to see what the Broncos’ offense looks like this fall.