Colin Cowherd has not been much of a Drew Lock fan since he criticized the former Missouri quarterback’s dance moves nearly a year ago. Not that it bothers Lock much.

But this time, Cowherd unloaded on Lock during a segment on “pay or play” when he discussed whether a player should receive a contract extension, or play out a season to earn it.

“He throws a ton of picks,” Cowherd said during his show, “The Herd. “I don’t like his judgment. He’s like Baker Mayfield, but without the roster and without the talent. I’ve always thought his talent was overstated. He’s got a wicked arm. You can’t deny that. He kind of reminds me of Jay Cutler. He kind of seems indifferent. Cutler, who was a super talent, just never clicked. I think you’re looking at a less-talented Jay Cutler and that, to me — I’ll give him another 12 games. To be honest with you, I’d give him about 8.”

The Denver Broncos, meanwhile, are trying to see who will win a quarterback competition between Lock and Teddy Bridgewater. They insist there’s been no separation one week into the competition.

About a week ago, offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur told the Associated Press that while Lock is having a better camp than he did a year ago, Bridgewater, an eight-year veteran, has already caught up in learning the offense.

“I’ve seen both guys getting better,” Shurmur said. “This is the best version of Drew that I’ve seen. I think he’s done a good job.”