Some may have found it odd to see a noted dual-threat quarterback like Kelly Bryant decide to follow in the footsteps of a traditional dropback passer like Drew Lock but that’s exactly what happened this offseason in Columbia.

After picking Missouri over the likes of Auburn, Mississippi State and Arkansas, Bryant noted a key factor in his decision was to play for offensive coordinator, Derek Dooley. The former Tennessee coach and Dallas Cowboys assistant assisted in preparing Lock to make the jump to the NFL and Bryant is now looking to do the same heading into his final season in college.

While Bryant is interested in how he can adapt his game to fit an NFL system, part of Dooley’s pitch to the talented quarterback must have been the ability to best adapt to his skillset. It would be foolish for Dooley to force a talented runner like Bryant into the same role that Lock was utilized last season.

That’s something the Tigers will avoid at all costs this season, according to Dooley.

“Well, I like quarterbacks to be whatever helps them play their best, you know what I mean? If a guy needs to be uptight I like him to be tight, if he’s going to play well,” Dooley said in a clip shared by Andrew Kauffman of ABC 17. “So there’s not really like a perfect way this is how you’re supposed to act. Every person is unique. So, Kelly likes to be loose. And, you know, we got the music going and the dancing and so do I.”

It’s a wise move by Dooley to adapt and if he can manage to seamlessly add Bryant to the mix, based on the talent returning around the signal-caller, Missouri could feature one of the league’s best offense this fall.