Former Missouri QB Drew Lock received the news on Wednesday morning that the Denver Broncos chose Teddy Bridgewater as its starting quarterback as he beat out Lock for the job.

But in meeting with reporters later in the day, Lock shared a mature and candid outlook on the situation.

“It’s disappointing,” Lock said. “Every feeling you could possibly have at this point on this day, and this circumstance, they’re running deep. At the time, I feel like I was playing some of the best football I’ve played since I’ve been in the league. I was more confident than I’ve ever been. Most of you guys think of me as a confident guy, but I was more confident than I’ve been since I’ve been in the league, OTAs, training camp.”

Lock also said it’s a special team and he was looking forward to leading the team. But he will now look for positives and avoid finger pointing and negativity and look for ways to help the team, including Bridgewater, and look in the mirror for ways he could improve.

Lock said the coaching staff told him the decision was extremely close, but it doesn’t make it any easier to digest.

“You work at it, you want it so bad and it ends up not going in your favor,” Lock said.