Missouri QB Connor Bazelak continues to improve for the Tigers, and had a solid first half on Saturday as they built a lead over South Carolina, then eventually held on for a win.

Coach Eli Drinkwitz evaluated Bazelak’s performance and what he did well.

“There were good things, bad things, some things to improve on… we have to do a better job protecting him… I think the thing with him is we continue to see growth… he did a nice job in the four minute offense,” Drinkwitz said.

Missouri awarded walk-on defensive lineman Cannon York a scholarship this week, and Drinkwitz offered some explanation on how that came to be.

“Well, we can’t put them on scholarship currently but with the holidays coming up, we wanted him to know he won’t have to pay his way starting in January,” the coach said. “He’s a guy that show up early, stays late, watches film, he’s earned it.”

A potential weapon for Missouri is freshman WR Jay Maclin, the cousin of Mizzou legend Jeremy Maclin, who saw some action against South Carolina.

“We have a few plays for him that we’ve repped at practice,” Drinkwitz said. “Right now just trying to piece things together.”