Eli Drinkwitz and the Missouri Tigers are searching for answers on the defensive side of the ball.

One bright spot has been QB-turned-DB Shawn Robinson, who had 1 interception against Boston College this past weekend and had another bounce off his hands.

During his Tuesday press conference, Drinkwitz had nothing but positive things to say about Robinson’s development:

“I’ve been blown away at what he’s been able to do and how quickly he’s been able to do it,” he said. “He’s playing a lot of football for us, a lot of different positions … and he’s still making a lot of plays. … I’m extremely proud of him and what he’s doing to help our football team.”

Robinson has become a key contributor in the Mizzou secondary, which has fared much better than the run defense.

We’ll see if the former quarterback continues to make big plays for the Tiger defense.