Here’s some of the highlights from what Gary Pinkel had to say inside — and outside — the main ballroom Wednesday at the Wynfrey Hotel at SEC Media Days in Hoover, Alabama:

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Gary Pinkel

Opening statement on this season:

“We’re working hard and we keep talking about being Mizzou Made, which is a huge part of our program and the process. And Mizzou Made is the player development. It’s developing them as young men, and I have a great responsibility to do that, when they leave me and how they grow up and mature as young men to develop as students.”

On lack of preseason buzz:

“I think it probably bothers my players a little bit more than me. I don’t really talk about that. I don’t really go there. I’ll you how you get respect is graduating your players, developing our students into young men, and winning football games. That’s how you get respect. You want more respect, do it at a better level and win at a higher level. I just know we’re proud to be a pair of the SEC. It’s a great league. You’ve got to buckle it up and go play and deliver every Saturday.

On how bad fans want the Kansas-Mizzou game:

“I don’t think there’s any question the fans want it back. It’s one of the longest rivalries in college football. As you well know, when we moved it into Kansas City, Arrowhead Stadium, we’ve had some phenomenal games down there. Hopefully, sometime down the road we can get it in the beginning part of the season when both teams have good records, play in the early part of September, and get that thing going again.”

On Harold Brantley’s injury:

“First of all, his spirits are he’s doing good. He has his moments. Henry Josey a couple years ago kind of went through the same thing, similar type thing. But there’s a guy, great athlete, phenomenal leadership, as you mentioned. He kind of took over there when Shane (Ray) and Markus (Golden) and some of those other guys left. So that will be a loss, be we have to work around that. But Harold will — Harold is going to be okay. He’s going to have his moments. He anticipated being an All-American this year and worked that hard to do and wanted to help us win.”

On Maty Mauk in big games:

“Honestly, when he’s in crunch time, he’s at his best. He’s delivered since he’s been a player for us. We just need more consistency at the position, more consistency on offense. I think it starts with him. His experience level. When you mature and you grow, the defense slows down and you can see more. I think the other components are obviously protection and the running game.”

On Mizzou’s facilities:

“My whole thing is, if you’re not committed to building and doing the right things, then don’t get in the league because they’ll swallow you up. So we put a whole east side addition since then. We’re now working on getting a football complex in the south end of our end zone of our stadium. And there’s several other things that we’re doing. I kid our alumni saying that, when you drive by in Columbia, it’s a great university. We’ve got some great facilities. But if you don’t see a crane up, something’s wrong. You’ve got to always see cranes.”

On domestic violence:

“First of all, we’ve been touched by it like some other people, so we’ve been a part of this. I think a lot of positive things have happened in terms of what’s happened not only in college spots, but the NFL. All these negative things have happened in a lot of ways have turned into positives.”