Here’s the list of demands from Mizzou’s protesting athletes, students

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The Legion of Black Collegians and others (including football players) associated with the boycott at Missouri stemming from racial tension on Saturday published a list of demands they want met before things return to somewhat normalcy.

Here’s the list in its entirety:

1. We demand that University of Missouri System President, Tim Wolfe, writes a hand-written apology to Concerned Student 1-9-5-0 demonstrators and holds a press conference in the Mizzou Student Center reading the letter. In the letter and at the press conference, Tim Wolfe must acknowledge his white privilege, recognize that systems of oppression exits, and provide a verbal commitment to fulfilling Concerned Student 1-9-5-0 demands. We want Tim Wolfe to admits his gross negligence, allowing his driver to hit one of the demonstrators, consenting to the physical violence of bystanders, and lastly refusing to intervene when Columbia Police Department used excessive force with demonstrators.

2. We demand the immediate removal of Tim Wolfe as UM system president. After his removal, a new amendment to thd UM system policies must be established to have all future UM system president and Chancellor positions be selected by a collective of students, staff, and faculty of diverse backgrounds.

3. We demand that the University of Missouri meets the Legion of Black Collegians’ demands that were presented in the 1969 for the betterment of the black community.

4. We demand that the University of Missouri creates and enforces comprehensive racial awareness and inclusion curriculum throughout all campus departments and units, mandatory for all students, faculty, staff and administration. This curriculum must be vetted, maintained, and overseen by a board comprised of students, staff and faculty of color.

5. We demand that by the academic year 2017-18, the University of Missouri increases the percentage of black faculty and staff members campus-wide by 10 percent.

6. We demand that the University of Missouri composes a strategic 10-year plan on May, 1 2016 that will increase retention rates for marginalized students, sustain diversity curriculum and training, and promote a more safe and inclusive campus.

7. We demand that the University of Missouri increases funding and resources for the University of Missouri Counseling Center for the purpose of hiring additional mental health professionals, particularly those of color, boosting mental health outreach and programming across campus, increasing campus-wide awareness and visibility of the counseling center, and reducing lengthy wait times for prospective clients.

8. We demand that the University of Missouri increases funding, resources and personnel for the social justice centers on campus for the purpose of hiring additional professionals, particularly those of color, boosting outreach and programming across campus and increasing campus-wide awareness and visibility.

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  • The picture answers questions some people had about how the rest of the team feels about the protest. Not surprising since the protest a wider chunk of the student body. The University of Missouri clearly has somethings to work on much bigger than sports. I knew about the cotton ball thing from a few years ago seems like things weren’t properly addressed at that point.

    Any actual Mizzou students on this site?

    • I am a current student. Our school is a mess right now. On one had I see where the protesters are coming from, and how race is probably an issue on campus. On the other it is going to be extremely difficult to meet all of these demands. Even if they get Tim Wolfe out of his position I don’t see him giving an apology speech in probably the busiest place on campus (the student center).

      • I am and Lykins is right it’s a mess. I want to support the movement but I’m torn because of some of the tactics that they are using and that a lot of the same people were part of MU4MikeBrown last year before evidence came out that it was justified. By the tactics I mean that I read on twitter that they were protesting in Plaza 900 (one of the dining halls) when a bunch of girls scouts were there and got them really upset which isn’t cool considering they had nothing to do with it. That and yesterday protesting kids who were taking recruiting visits, again had nothing to do with the situation. I think the idea is good and needed because racism is an issue not just on our campus but several schools across the nation. Changes are needed and Wolfe probably needs to be ousted after his responses and handling of the matters. But it won’t stop racism on campus unfortunately. Some of the demands seem a bit out there like hiring of only black professors, when it should be whoever is qualified. And some of the comments people have made on both sides are just straight ignorant. Obviously you have the white racists but then some people (Kim English former MU bball player) who say that all black people are hated on campus which is totally not true. It’s just a complete mess.

        • Where does it say “ONLY HIRE BLACK PROFESSORS”?

          It says hire more minority professors., Hispanic, mideastern…….

        • It says hire “black” and that’s racist. No way does a group that writes this kind of hate demands get my support. Every colorblind student on campus should be angry as hell at this student hate group.

        • You are both wrong, while it’s true Settemelgast that it does not say hire only black professors, it also does not say minority professors. It is pretty clear about increasing black professors on campus by 10%. Where do you see anything about minority?

        • I was in the Plaza 900 dinging hall for the protest. It was a disgusting display of hate, rage and intimidation. The girls who were there for a chemistry camp were directly confronted by some of the protesters (all white girls). My and my son, and his girlfriend and her parents were there for a “Meet Mizzou” admission event. We toured the campus, talked to representatives from colleges, then were yelled at by a bunch of students we had never heard of in a very threatening manner (yes, I’m white). My son and his girlfriend were scared. Sorry, but I’m saying “no” to Mizzou for my kids. Liberal, class warfare, racial hatred, etc. is no place for my kids to go to college. My wife and I are distraught as alums, but we have to cross Mizzou off the list at this point.

        • Bing, copy this to the governor and well you should be crossing the University of MO off your list.

        • How about hire the most qualified regardless of color? I hire a man not his skin.

        • So let me see if I got this right. Asking to not just hire white professors is racist. But just hiring only white professors isn’t racist?

          Lol….you can’t beat hillbilly logic.

        • Bing, you mentioned that “son and his girlfriend were scared.” So I just want to confirm that you get “why” the protest is happening. As I understand it, there have been 4 different incidents of hate towards minority students in about a 6 week period. There seems to be a lot of people here that don’t think anything should be done. It seems that most feel that if you see or experience racism, you should ignore it or go somewhere else. They don’t seem too concerned with rooting it out.

        • isproab – While any instances of hate are too many and it shouldn’t be tolerated, it most certainly doesn’t justify the protesters confronting and intimidating a group of girls there for a chemistry camp! Understanding the “why” doesn’t make it okay.

      • Setllemegast reread number 5. 5. We demand that by the academic year 2017-18, the University of Missouri increases the percentage of BLACK faculty and staff members campus-wide by 10 percent. That seems pretty clear.

    • One of the players has called ESPN, he said that half of the team is very upset about this nonsense and that includes black players. He also said it is known that if the team was 9-0 this nonsense wouldn’t be happening with the team.

    • Black power huh.. The group in that pic including the wimpy coaches should be shown the real power – fan attendance.. Mizzou fans should boycott the sporting events and let this mistreated group play before say 3000 of their supporters

    • And Gary Pinkle supported this manifesto. He did it to save his own butt because he knew white supporters would come back but black recruits would not an he would never be hired again anywhere else. He is a prostitute who sold his integrity for cash.

  • So how can they fulfill number 5 without straight up discriminating on race when hiring….

    • They can’t, but to them denying a position to a white person so a black person can have it isn’t discriminating.

      • Well, no. Actually it’s about positions of leadership reflecting the existing demographic. So if the percentage of black professors is far less than the percentage of black students, that tends to be a problem. You guys aren’t complaining when white professors are disproportionately hired in the first place, only when someone tries to correct it. Lol. Go figure.

        • There’s a higher percentage of black faculty members than black students at Mizzou, so what you’re saying is they should higher more white faculty members?

        • Actually, MU is 7% african american.

        • Of course not chitown, I’m sure he feels that would be wrong and racist… Go figure.

        • So you want to hire on race and not qualifications? Just hire for the sake of percentages? Are not most college athletes of color? Is that not racist? That implies that if you have disproportionate white athletes that your team won’t be as good? You recruit athletes on their skill set, not color. It should be the same for professors and other leadership positions

        • The demand #5 actually does not mention professors, specifically. It states that the “the University of Missouri increases the percentage of black faculty and staff members campus-wide by 10 percent.” As one can see it say black faculty and staff, which is basically all employees at every level. That is serious. It means that a lot of people will be losing their jobs or the University will have to increase their budget. The University’s budget is always hotly contested by the State Legislature.

        • 2 wrongs dont make a right.

        • Has anyone bothered to actually look at what the university is currently doing for diversity? The dialogue surrounding this protest is driving me crazy. The president deserved to be fired because he should have “done something”. Debating on whether hiring practices are racist. But literally NO ONE is looking into the university’s current efforts. MU has a website dedicated to transparency in its diversity efforts. On that website anyone that bothers to actually look for facts will see that there is already a program in place to recruit minority faculty, and that program is evaluated periodically. There is also in place a detailed proposal to add diversity training to the curriculum. Almost every demand on that list already has initiatives in place to address the issue. Why is nobody bothering to look at actions that HAVE and ARE being taken before taking sides and applying labels. This whole thing is absurd.

      • Wait.WHAT?? Denying a person of ANY color for the sole purpose of hiring another color is PURE discrimination.

    • Fact. But racism only exists if it’s non white. Total hypocrites and BS. Hire the person that is best for the job. Simple as that.

  • No good football recruits sign with them in the future,lol.Mizzou going down to the ground!

  • If they start cancelling games I’m going to be pissed… Missouri is the only away game I planned on going to this year.

  • As for the demands, no. To the striking players, your scholarships are canceled.
    Recruit more players and tell the other students to get back to their books instead of demanding anything, you arrogant, PC bastards.
    Problems solved.

    • I agree. Shut up and go to class.

    • Yeah cancel player scholarships then go recruit more players…after doing that nobody will want to go to Missouri.Moron.

      • Your the moron. If you don’t think for a moment there isn’t 1000’s of people who would jump at the opportunity to take a full scholarship to replace every one of those Damn cry baby players, you are sadly mistake… Clean house, start over; that is what keeps this crap from happending again. Damn kids always whining and crying about everything these days. Pop your momma’s titty out of your mouth and man up boys…

        • If Missouri did what you would do not one damn recruit would want to go their to play ball these boys feel like they have been wronged and then the school is just gonna go head and finish screwing them by canceling the scholarships…here’s a better idea Missouri should just cancel the football program all together.

        • If you are given a scholarship to a school, who says we will pay for your education in exchange for you playing football for us, and then refuse to play football, the school in question is within their rights to refuse to continue giving you the education. Everybody is so quick to judge the university for doing what it needs to while applauding these players for breach of contract. They made their choice. Time to live with the consequences. Furthermore, this militant approach of ‘demanding’ things from the university is not going to amount to change. You’re demanding they cater to students of one color, who make up about 7% of the student body. That’s not going to happen. I wouldn’t be surprised to see their enrollment drop drastically behind this.

        • “your the moron”

        • I just want to clear something up I’m not siding with the players or the school but to me just canceling scholarship like arkpaul said would be very stupid.seeing that the ncaa only gives schools 25 scholarships per year and allows 85 scholarships on a team.So alienating your football team(or most of em)and then cancelling the scholarships really would not send a great message to incoming players and all but assure the demise of Missouri football if not Missouri athletics.

        • These players alienated their team when they put them in an impossible position. Either side with us or you’re a bigot. It was a selfish act. They put themselves before the team.

  • If they made some reasonable *requests* (not demands) and those included positive steps to resolve issues, I would be in full support. The method they took is totally racially discriminatory and should be called out as such.
    If they don’t want their scholarships and other “athlete-privileges”, I am sure there are others waiting in line to take them.
    It would not hurt if they enrolled a grammar student to help them with their writing, as well.

    • They’re taking a page right out of the new Black Panthar party play book. Of course it’s interesting to note that the individual who started the hunger strike was also an intern for Rahm Emanuel who is the current Chicago Mayor and was a former Chief of Staff to President Obama.

    • Hell yeah! Once this nonsense is over the ones who are not expelled from the university should be required to acknowledge their athletic-privilege before returning to their football scholarships. Too many people in this world try to exploit power they do not possess and end up looking like jackasses. Know your role.

  • Stupidity in motion. Missouri done caught a case of the “feelings”. Boo hoo hoo, wah wah wah. Progressive Commie BS, if I was AD I would remove them from the team and revoke their scholarships, which would have already happened if they weren’t POC. Pathetic.

  • There are problems at MU. There are problems everywhere. All need to be addressed. That said, just imagine if there were an organization called “The Legion of White Collegians.” The sword has two edges.

  • “Tim Wolfe must acknowledge his white privilege”
    Then they should acknowledge their stupidity. How anyone can support these intolerant racists is beyond me. Why should a man lose his job over something he didn’t do? And what the hell is white privilege anyways? Is white privilege the reason why millions of jews and other whites were murdered in the holocaust? Is that why the Bosnian and Serbian Civil Wars happened? Because of white privilege? There was discrimination against all races at some point in history. Like how I’m part Scottish, and how them and the Irish were once oppressed by the British. You don’t see me here demanding reparation from the British government for abusing the scots and later the American colonists! How are we as a society supposed to move forward by demanding someone to say that they haven’t earned anything, because of their race. That’s like me saying that “You didn’t buy that car. You stole it, because you’re Black.”
    When exactly did Martin Luther King Jr. march against “white privilege?” Was “white privilege” a battle cry in the Civil Rights movement? If you’re upset about something, be civil and respectful. Don’t be a c*nt and act like you’re entitled to see someone lose his job because you don’t like his skin color. That man probably has a wife and some kids, he has a dream, a purpose in life just like you. He uses his purpose constructively by being president over an Institution of Higher learning. The protesters use their purpose causing racial unrest. These kids are just that: Kids. So yes, they deserve to lose their scholarship or at least, a suspension.

    • “Why should a man lose his job over something he didn’t do?” Apparently he didn’t do his job. People get fired all the time for that. He’ll lose his job. Count on it.

      • What I meant was he isn’t the cause for racism on campus. Firing him won’t stop racists from being racist.

        • If he gets fired he has nobody to blame but himself because he mishandled the situation from the start. If he would’ve just responded to the first couple of incidents immediately after they happened there wouldn’t be this big uproar from the students.

        • to host prairie: bull-ogna. #1 there has been no incident named yet where Wolfe or Loftin reacted incorrectly. What? Students went into the street illegally and got bumped by a car ??? duh??? In the real world streets are for cars, bikes, motorcycles. That’s how taxpayers design them and how police monitor them. Get your law ignoring feet out of the street and protest in places meant for pedestrians.

      • The protesters would have been calling for Nixon’s resignation after Ferguson if he wasn’t a Democrat. However, if Wolfe is a Democrat, that’s not going to be protecting him.

    • I agree and I hope he doesn’t lose his job over this insanity. I hope every player who refuses to participate in his scholarship requirements is suspended.

      • absolutely right. start yanking scholarships immediately. start suspending players immediately from football. Fire the entire Pinkel staff right now. Please note that I never said fire anyone on the Pinkel staff till right now. Show me where somebody employed by the University of Missouri did anything racist, then I might reconsider. Turn everything “black” on campus into “multi-minority”. Make sure that all races are represented proportionally to the population of the state that pays the taxes to support the institution. Tax payers should have an equal shot at being employed there, non-taxpayers can apply for jobs where they last paid taxes. Make an institutional statement that says everything associated with the university will be qualification based, completely color-blind.

  • I hear a lot of the comments here. A few of you have no idea how the law, scholarships, recruitment or the athletic department work. When most of the student body, the student athletes, the coaches, the faculty and the governor of the state are all on the same page, the administration at this university must be doing something off key. They will fire the university president and the movement will get some of its demands. No one will lose a scholarship over this unless one of the students does something illegal or criminal.

    • “No one will lose a scholarship over this unless one of the students does something illegal or criminal.”
      They came here to play football. If you don’t play football, you don’t get a scholarship. Flunking classes isn’t illegal, but you can lose scholarships over it yes?

    • If they are all on the page presented above, then they all should get dumped since it is racially discriminatory and patently illegal. They will not fire the President unless someone can prove he did something wrong, not just something they don’t like. The statements put out indicate the University has been working the issue without bombast for some time now and these “demands” will not, and can not be met. This is just a publicity stunt by some people that don’t know how all this works.
      BTW – the students and University sign a contract for the scholarship and if one side violates the contract the other can, and should, refuse to honor it.

  • I obviously don’t know what’s going on here on the ground, but nor does anyone else not there. There are certain parts of this not known, for example the demands of 1969. So whatever it is it makes blackmail OK? I’m sure there is a way to compromise without ultimatums and blackmail. And yes, demanding a position filled by color and being over seen by a committee of color is discrimination. Sorry, but it it is by definition.

  • This is absolute nonsense.

  • It appears from the tone of this that the Reverend Al Sharpton has made a trip to the campus.

  • Players may have good reason for feeling the way they do, but “demand” is a strong word unless you’re about to attack someone. What if these “demands” are not met? Will there be rioting? Did all this happen just this year? Did they not know the situation before they came to school here to play?

  • The University needs to tell all of these entitled crybabies to shove these “demands” right up their butts. These racist retards are going to college for free specifically because they are playing football for the school…if they aren’t going to do that then the school needs to pull their scholarships and tell them to hit the road. This is a classic al sharpton type of threat from these whiny little girls and the University, as well as us as Americans need to stop putting up with it…enough is enough.

  • “Must acknowledge his white privilege”.. Wow.. When I first started reading this story, I thought a minority student was attacked physically or something.. Nope just some idiots yelling slurs.. And of course the black population has to broadly paint the whole university as racist from the actions of a few.. And in the process “punish” the whole fan base black and white alike.. Face it Mizzou football players – You all are crybabies and been getting your azzes handed to you this year.. Y’all suck and this is the convenient way not to have to play another game! Ridiculous and you should be dropped from the SEC

    • Here’s what you just said: (no one was attacked, wrong, the presidents car was attacked). (sorry I missed the racial slur calling where is that story) (Fans bases are not being punished, those who prepaid for tickets are being attacked, this is the closest you got to correct)( sorry da this has nothing to do with football teams record, it is simply a power grab with Ferguson as an excuse)(please voluntarily drop yourself from blogs until you can get a lot closer to what the actual subject matter is)

      • It’s an embarrassment for you normal Mizzou fans I’m sure.. But it’s not gonna change until You all stand up and speak.. Just like your former LB just did

  • All this for a handful of incidents. Al Sharpton would be proud.

  • This is a perfect example of what happens when a nation doesn’t have any sort of moral foundation. Moral subjectivity just runs rampant. I was a student at Covenant College and the faculty made some decisions the student body didn’t in fact agree with. The student body was so ready to sign petitions and become hateful. They loved the thrill of bashing a group. its the popular thing to do. Hashtag activists and social media justice warriors are the same way. They love giving in to their anger. They refuse to look at any situation with any level of respect for the other side. Everyone looks for a scapegoat. (The Mizzou prez seems to be the newest one)

    I feel bad for all the Missouri fans and students who don’t want any part of this stupidity. This is ruining the fans football season. (not that this is a priority) Students have to constantly listen to this gang style movement and will probably be badgered if they disagree with the vocal minority.

    This list of demands is hilariously juvenile. Hopefully the students who signed this petition/list of demands will look back on all of this in 20 years and be ashamed of their foolishness. Hiring black individuals for the sake of hiring black individuals is just sadly ironic. If we don’t understand the concept of hiring upon merit and not skin color in 2015 then I give up. As a Tennessee fan I wish Missou would apply this same standard of diversity to their football team. Since the student body is 93% not “black” then shouldn’t the team be forced to play a 93% “non-black” group of players every saturday so no ethnicity is left out? Or heck at least 50/50. This would help the Vols odds of beating the Tigers every year XD But no for some reason the Mizzou coaches find it appropriate to play players based upon their football ability. Personally this is just “gross discrimination” XD

    Hiring people based upon their skin color alone in order to appeal to a certain group with the same skin color is pathetic. In no way is this backward thinking helping solve any version of the racial problems that exist today. This is simply a “Give Us Our People!” mentality that completely contradicts the “We are all equal” mentality.

    I’m still confused as to what the president should have done in these situations? If he knew about the swastika incident and did not issue an investigation as to who was the perpetrator I can understand why some students might be angry. But beyond this i’m still confused as to how this single man is supposed to prevent the future actions of a few racist morons. What do you petitioner’s want? How is hiring a more diverse group of individuals going to stop the few racists who do stupid things. Why is it wrong for the president to not get out of his car and address and angry mob (let’s just call it what it is)? Why is he at fault here? He didn’t want to answer your biased panel of questionnaires. He is somehow in the wrong here. I wouldn’t get out of my car either.

    Also more funding for mental health services on campus? Really? We are just going to throw that in too XD Why not continue by asking for more parking spaces and free ice cream on Tuesdays. Who created this list of demands. You are college students in the United States of America. This means you are more privileged that a mass portion of the planet. I would think you would have used this privilege to improve your critical thinking skills instead of acting like you are MLK.Jr 2.0

    You should be ashamed Mizzou (Those petitioning) if all your president has done is what has been explained to the media. You should be truly ashamed of yourselves. Lets become adults

  • I can’t even read this list all the way through because the grammar and misspellings are too painful. Go Gators.

  • Pull their scholarships, free food and housing.

    • apply the law and university policy to throwing them out of the Univeristy or off the team or of the scholarship payroll immediately. Fire the entire Pinkel staff immediately. As soon as I see verification of something racist by the University I change my mind immediately. Where is it? I’m waiting now for 12 hours. Nothing.

    • When you look at any high school, college or pro team what do you see ?
      99% Black Male Athletes. I’d call that Racist against white males.

      • What makes the game of football so sacred is that domain is what some have considered the great equalizer: where money, politics etc. won’t help you on the field of play (unlike some racist systems put in place by our ancestors). As a businessman, I’d describe your “99%” stat as the free market shaking itself out.

  • Is that where the football team has been? I didn’t know they even still played football in Missouri…

  • they are all animals,To hell with all those black African tribes.

  • Meeting these demands does 2 things for sure.
    #1 Increases the cost of college education
    #2 Continue to support a racist community, both white and black

  • Guys, I understand where you coming from but if you did your research and these claims are in fact true you should not have agreed to attend. If you hire anyone because of their race and not because of their qualifications than you are discrimainating. You are doing exactly what you are asking the school not to do. .
    furthermore, if you are there on scholarship than you should refund the money the school has invested in you since you are not willing to meet your obligations.
    Bottom line, you decided to attend, if there was that many problems than you would have heard about it during your visits.

  • Plot twist: they are protesting because Mauk’s white privelege didn’t prevent him being suspended all season.

  • No demands to end preferential treatment for black athletes by eliminating cupcake majors, I see…

  • the comments on this article show a general negativity against a large group of students who are standing up against racism. the wise readers of SDS are obviously against any such significant movements by young people who would like to see changes in society. thankfully, SDS is irrelevant. Pinkell is standing behind his players and that is what matters. i’m proud to have Mizzou in the SEC now! This is important. No, they will not look back in 20 years and be ashamed. That’s like people that said, oh these idiots will look back on this in 20 years and…about the Civil Rights Movement.

  • Very well then, if you are to be given these “rights”, we have a few demands.

    1) We demand an apology for racial violence, knockout games, polar bear hunting, and other black on white violence.
    2) We demand that the number of conservative professors be immediately increased by to at least 30% in line with their percentage of the population (quotas).
    3) We demand compensation for all conservative students for the suppression of their ability to express their views on campus.
    4) We demand that the football team reflect the racial and ethnic ratios in todays society, for fairness of course.

    That’s enough for now. We will of course (we learned well from you) be other, endless demands after you comply with these simple, common sense reforms.

  • I remember the good ole days in 2003 when it was actually the school President’s wife Carmento Floyd, (wife of Elson Floyd now president at Wash. St.), who hurled racial slurs with no repercussion.

    “There was a scandal in 2003 when Carmento Floyd, who is black, was recorded telling a black student jailed on domestic violence charges, Ricky Clemons, that he should not date white women and referred to white women as “pink toes.”

    Or this gem from Mrs. Floyd: “Elson come home, every time he come home, he be like, ‘Them crackers shaking. They going crazy. They don’t know what to do. They shaking.”

    Now, they want to run the school President out on a rail just because he’s allegedly been slow to respond.

    • They expect him to reform not what’s going on in the school, but what’s going on with the CPD or local citizens who might shout racist slurs or drive by with a Confederate flag on their vehicle. That’s none of his business. It was cowardly for the president and Chancellor to resign.

  • Complete and utter bullshirt.

    Coach Pinkel has only one stance to take with the players he loves. It would be the same as he should take with him own kids.

    “I love you young men like sons, I’m here for you in whatever capacity I can be here for you in this life, I pray our relationship is a lifelong one and not just a temporary player and coach.

    I support you as young men who will take their place one day in this world, hopefully to make a positive difference for everyone you are connected to.

    I fully support your right to take a position and take a stand for your cause and beliefs. I share your beliefs but do not share the position you taking. Having the right to take a position, then taking one, will bring consequences that you must be prepared to deal with. I say this is a matter that can be dealt with in a number of other ways that do not exact a high a price from you as this one will. I pray that you reconsider and let us finish what we started. Your commitment is to this school and not to Tom Wolfe. Let’s let the proper channels deal with Mr. Wolfe.

    Gary Pinkel

  • White privledge doesn’t exist. Mob Privledge does. You’re attempting to flex it right now.

    When you wouldn’t let the guy speak, you created a “system of oppression” for him. I found a
    picture of mizzou students in the dictionary:

    Full Definition of HYPOCRITE

    1 a person who puts on a false appearance of virtue or religion
    2 a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings


    Someone who has had rocks thrown their window because of their race in the south. You’re a bunch
    “make it worsers.”

  • I don’t know about what is going on at Mizzou but it seems like the people that made racist remarks actually win by these protests. Their goal was to piss off a group of people. A group of people are pissed off. When you spend your time worrying about what other people think or say, you aren’t focused on your own goals in life. Working hard and dedication are the keys to success. If you are too busy becoming a better person yourself, you don’t care what other people think and say.

  • Where is the concern about the lack of white players on the football and basketball teams?

  • “must acknowledge his white privilege”

    That would have been the end of it. They would have had to fire me.

  • I’d expect to see this from the wannabe PC capital of MS (Ole Miss)…I’m sure they’ll follow suit.

  • The state of our world if you are of European ancestry is so sad. Millions of people like sheep who have bought into all the propaganda and lies about themselves and there race to the point that there self hatred is seen as normal. White genocide is real white privilege is a constructed hoax. If you want to know who your master is find out who you cannot criticize. Scary times folks.we are giving our children a dark and frightening world by not being men and standing up to the fascists who wear victim status as masks. Stop buying tickets to watch these thugs who hate you. Stand up for your people.stay at home and spend time with your kids and stop worshiping these thugs.

    • Can’t like this enough. The only example I have heard of racism that has occured is that Missouri failed to endorse the riots in ferguson. Sad day for this country. We are watching a university fold to the demands of a hate group, that is directly attacking a certain race and man because of his skin color.

  • I agree that everything should be racially balanced. There should be an NCAA rule that all athletic teams in all sports should have approximately the same racial makeup as the student body of that university, give or take a couple of percentage points. In this way, the teams would be representative of the university’s students and everybody would have an equal opportunity to get one of those great scholarships!

  • Isn’t it funny how lefty academia has hoisted itself by its own petard? For years, they preach in their textbooks how America is not a force for good. How America became a world power by stealing and killing. Is it any wonder these kids are angry? They’ve been programed by the left to believe that they are victims. What the lefty academics did not anticipate was that the anger would be directed at them! LMAO!


  • How much want to bet that even though its been completely disproven, that 90%+ of the people protesting actually believe that Michael Brown held his hands up and said “don’t shoot.” What an ignorant pathetic group. Tell them to ditch their victimhood mentality and accept responsibility. They cannot count on government to get ahead. They can only rely on themselves and their own abilities. Yet their actions promote the false narrative that they and other minorities have been victimized by those of caucasian descent. They should put their adult pants on and quit playing the race card.

  • If I am a high school student in MO no chance I would go to Mizzou after this fiasco. If I am an alumn this university would never get a dime of my money again. I am a UT grad and will be drafting a letter to my alma mater to let them know where I stand on issues such as this. These demands are racist in themselves and this agenda is tired. Hire the best man for the job. Race shouldn’t matter and should NEVER be a requirement.

  • I’m an alumnus, and a grad student at Mizzou. Been here long enough to see a lot of different things happen. Wolfe and Loftin were out-sourcers, job-cutters, fat-cats of the worst order. The DEANS of nine major schools on campus, including CAFNR, Arts & Science, and the Medical school also want these buffoons removed, and called for Loftin’s resignation a few hours later. Race is only part of the issue. The undergraduate children here cannot be expected to understand, as they largely have NO idea what goes on here in terms of people actually working as staff, faculty, or doing research.

  • what does that generalized pile of blackmail rhetoric mean .. what specifically did

    the president do to rile the union of racial divide .. thanks to our fake potus it will

    continue to the country’s demise …

  • Why do they have to be black or minority teachers, why not hire the best person for the job regardless of color.

  • Is this a joke? Damn this had me rolling. “Comprehensive racial awareness instructed by blacks only” Oh my god this sounds so vegan lel.

  • There’s racism alright.Black racism. They’re just tools for Black Lives Matter. I think they need to have a White Students Union. Let them make demands.

  • People need to learn the definition of racism. The name calling, flag waving, etc.. is bigotry, not racism. Hiring white over black professors is discriminatory, not racist.

    Having the fundamental belief that one race is superior to all others in every aspect is racism. Call a spade a spade, but don’t call a club or a heart a spade when it isn’t.

    • I remember being stationed in South Carolina and had a large group of black men walk up to me and my friend saying “this was a black store” and we needed to leave. I didn’t leave because I am 6’1″ 250 and good luck making me leave just wonder how many other white people those guys actually intimidated into leaving. I also wonder why you don’t hear about the white hating black people the only news you hear is on black hating white . I’m sick of this Black lives matter crap. All lives matter. Quit acting like you are being treated inferior to white people and you will stop feeling like you are being treated inferior.

  • I just wonder what started all of this. Some of these demands, are not too bad, but some are