Turns out, Kelly Bryant doesn’t even care about the storyline that has consumed the college football offseason for the last 24 hours.

“He wasn’t on the team. You’ve gotta be on the team to get a ring,” Dabo Swinney told ESPN. “I love Kelly and appreciate what he did for us, but he decided to move on.”

Swinney’s decision to not give his former quarterback a championship ring after Bryant left the team at midseason has, for some reason, become a non-stop talking point on some sports networks this week. While Bryant was a big part of Clemson’s program for the four games he played for the Tigers last season, he was not around when the team went on to win the ACC and eventually the College Football Playoff Championship.

Many were outraged by Swinney’s decision but apparently Bryant was not among those bothered by it.

“A ring is a ring. I’m in Missouri, and I don’t play any mind to that. Everybody else can make a story about it, which it’s not really a story,” Bryant said following Missouri practice according to Peter Baugh of The Athletic.

Now we can all move on to the next hot topic to consume our attention.