If you ask him, Michael Porter Jr. may be the greatest player in NBA history.

That’s the feeling one could come away with after the draft prospect revealed what he thought about his game following his three-game college career. During a recent appearance on The DA Show, hosted by host Damon Amendolara, Porter was asked what NBA comparison he would give for himself.

Here’s how Porter answered the question, via Deadspin:

“Right now, I’m a little, I’m a mix of Giannis and KD. You know, I like going to the hole a little more than KD does, I like bumping into people a little more physical than KD. But I also, you know I like to shoot the ball more than Giannis. So that’s what I like to compare myself to. Then also Tracy McGrady. I get compared to him a lot and I like that one a lot too. You know, those are three amazing players. So it doesn’t feel bad to be in the same conversation as them.”

A borderline Hall of Famer and two of the best players in the NBA today. Not a bad comparison for any player. If Porter lives up to that hype, there will likely be a few teams that regret passing on him in the upcoming draft, as the former Mizzou player is expected to drop outside the top 5 as teams question his ability to stay healthy heading into the upcoming season.