The biggest news in the SEC on Friday was the NCAA putting Mississippi State on probation for academic fraud (a tutor completing work for 10 football players and one basketball player).

The fact that MSU is being put on probation without a postseason ban while Mizzou received a bowl ban for a tutor completing coursework for 12 student-athletes has led to many fans and journalists comparing the two cases. MU athletic director Jim Sterk has now released a statement in response to the many questions he has received since the Mississippi State announcement. While the cases are different (MSU notably reached a “negotiated resolution” with the NCAA, an option that was not available to Missouri in November 2017), Sterk said it shows that the punishment received Mizzou include excessive and inconsistent penalties.

Sterk’s statement (via Dave Matter of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch):

“In response to many questions we have received in regard to today’s NCAA infractions case decision involving another Division I institution, it is important to note that the University of Missouri did not have the opportunity to utilize the NCAA’s new negotiated resolution process because our case was already in process when the organization’s membership adopted it.”

“We believe that the penalties imposed in the recently decided and factually similar case further illustrate that the penalties imposed on Mizzou were excessive and inconsistent with previous case precedent. We have never wavered from our stance or the merits of our appeal and remain hopeful it will be successful.

“Thanks to the incredible work of our student-athletes, coaches and staff, Mizzou is poised to have a breakout year across many sports, and we look forward to resolving this in the future so we can move forward as a University and continue to Win it Right.”

Mizzou is still waiting to hear the NCAA’s decision on the school’s appeal.