Now that the #ConcernedStudent1950 strike is over at Missouri and university president Tim Wolfe has resigned as a result, emotions are still high campus as tension builds from several instances of students vs. media.

Missouri, as you know, is home to one of the nation’s most prestigious journalism programs but its vile treatment of media members and disregard for the first amendment in the wake of this week’s events has become an embarrassment for the university.

One faculty member made a public apology this week after being shown on video saying “I need some muscle over here to get this reporter out”, disregarding that videographer’s rights as a media member.

On Tuesday, Missouri sent a campus-wide email to all students saying they should report hate speech to police. The school advised that photos should be sent it in of the culprit regardless of whether they have committed a crime. The email served as a strange new ‘waving the white flag’ twist during what’s been a wild week at the university.