Most college football analysts are still scratching their heads over the NCAA’s decision to slap Missouri with a bowl ban following an investigation into improper benefits.

The Tigers immediately appealed the decision, and they are awaiting the results of the appeal. Remember, Missouri worked hand-in-hand with the NCAA during the entire investigation, and still, the NCAA’s Committee of Infractions came down hard on the university.

There’s a chance, however, that the NCAA will overturn the bowl ban, but how likely is it? We may find out soon.

Meanwhile, SEC Network’s Paul Finebaum recently spoke with Great American Sports Network at SEC Media Days, and he sounded off on the NCAA’s decision to penalize Mizzou so harshly.

“I’ve been covering the NCAA a long time,” Finebaum said. “I started as an investigative reporter dealing with NCAA issues. I say that to say this — in all the years that I’ve watched, studied and reported on the NCAA, I think that this is the most outrageous penalty I’ve ever seen. There’s no justification for it. There’s no rhyme or reason.

“The longer I’ve thought about this and the more I’ve read about it and spoken to people at Mizzou and elsewhere, the more sickened I am by it. … To penalize this football team for that, it’s not only reprehensible, but it shows why people genuinely hate the NCAA.”

Recently, ESPN’s Phil Steele commented on the Mizzou sanctions and said he thinks the bowl ban gets overturned.

“I think Missouri’s bowl ban gets overturned,” Steele said on a podcast. “I’m one that feels the NCAA should make it right, it was too stiff of a penalty, go ahead and reduce the scholarships and things like that but a bowl ban, I think, is out of the blue.”