BREAKING UPDATE: Missouri president Tim Wolfe has resigned

An anonymous Missouri player told ESPN on Sunday the team is not unified on the current race-related boycott on campus that has now threatened the Tigers’ upcoming game against BYU on Saturday.

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Missouri coach Gary Pinkel said otherwise over the weekend and tweeted that he fully supports  his players’ decision to stand up for what they believe in.

The feeling isn’t unanimous inside the locker room:

According to McMurphy’s story, some members of the team aren’t happy that the practice schedule has been altered and preparation for Missouri’s next game has taken a back seat to the current situation on campus.

Monday are regular off days for the football team and the coaches told the players to watch film on their own iPads and keep preparing for Saturday’s game against BYU in Kansas City, the player said.

The player indicated they had been aware of Butler’s hunger strike for several days. However, some black players didn’t decide to take any action until Butler met with some players Saturday night.

“Not everyone agrees with the decision (to stop all football activities),” the player said. “Most people are pissed, including the black guys (on the team).”

The Legion of Black Collegians said Saturday in a statement that Missouri’s black football players won’t participate in any “football-related” activities” until university president Tim Wolfe “resigns or is removed due to his negligence toward marginalized students’ experiences.”

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The two-time defending East Division champions are 4-5 this season and have lost four straight games.