On Thursday morning, it was revealed that Mizzou 2020 DL commit Kevon Billingsley was arrested last week for grand larceny at a Chesterfield, Missouri, mall.

Indeed, the Chesterfield Police Department’s arrest report lists 18-year-old Kevon Billingsley as one of the parties arrested, but now it appears that may have been a case of mistaken identity.

Per PowerMizzou.com’s Gabe DeArmond, someone did in fact give police Billingsley’s name at the time of the arrest, but it appears it was not actually Billingsley who was arrested:

Per DeArmond, someone with the same last name and from the same address was arrested, but it wasn’t Kevon, the 2020 Mizzou commit.

Billingsley was the only current Mizzou commit who didn’t sign a letter of intent on Wednesday. Perhaps it’s because the police, Billingsley and the Tigers are working to get all of this sorted out.

For now, though, the important thing to note is that Kevon was not arrested, although another member of the Billingsley family may have been arrested.