The Women’s College World Series saw impressive viewership numbers for this year’s version of the 8-team event. ESPN PR revealed the WCWS brought in a total of 969,000 average viewers through the semifinals round, a total of 12 games.

One game rose above the others: Tennessee’s matchup against Oklahoma following the Lady Vols’ win over Alabama. The Lady Vols, like seemingly everyone else this season against the Sooners, fell in a game that was never close.

Still, the top 5 matchup amassed 1.4 million viewers, more than Tennessee-Florida State and Washington-Stanford, the next 2 most viewed games of the WCWS.

Tennessee is the only team to appear 3 times in the top 6 most-watched games. Tennessee as a softball/baseball brand has drawn a lot of viewership recently, as Tennessee baseball’s thrilling battle against Clemson was the most-watched game of the regional round.

The Lady Vols fell to Florida State in the national semifinal, leaving the Seminoles to advance to play a truly generational Oklahoma squad that has lost just once all season.

Best of luck with that, FSU.