Cleveland Browns’ defensive end Myles Garrett has gotten a lot of press recently but not for his play, but mainly for the “quarterback graveyard” Halloween decorations he put in his yard at the beginning of the month.

The former Texas A&M star had several quarterbacks in his graveyard such as ex-A&M teammate Kyler Murray of the Arizona Cardinals, who even questioned him about it.

He also had current Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Rothlisberger in the graveyard too. The Browns and the Steelers faced each other Sunday with the Steelers winning, 15-10.

In his postgame interview, Roethlisberger noted he got the last laugh:

“I meant to tell him to keep my tombstone or whatever. I’ll take the W.”

Garrett’s graveyard has taken a pounding of late. The Browns, who started off the season well, are struggling of late and some of Garrett’s “victims” like Big Ben, Murray, and Justin Herbert of the San Diego Chargers, have all beaten the Browns.