Legalized Texas sports betting has a huge proponent in its corner, as Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones said the “handwriting is on the wall” for sports betting in the Lonestar State during a radio interview at Cowboys training camp.

In a recent training camp interview with the Hang Zone on The Ticket Sportsradio 1310 AM/96.7 FM, Jones was asked point blank if he believed sports betting in Texas would one day be a common occurrence.

“Gaming, as it pertains to our game, is here. It’s frankly been here. But you’re talking about a different form of it, a more recognized form of it, a more sanctioned form of it. Yes I do. Without in any way not being sensitive to the great people that want to keep everything in the right way, but the handwriting is on the wall. Gaming has been here for a long time,” Jones said during the interview.

Texas sports betting possibly gaining momentum?

Texas sports betting seemed to gain momentum this legislative session as a number of bills were discussed by prominent state legislators. State Rep. Dan Huberty (R-127) attempted to push his bills, HB 2070 and HJR 97, through this last session to give Texas voters the opportunity to approve sports betting in an upcoming election. Sports betting operators and Texas professional sports teams had backed Huberty’s bills throughout discussions.

However, both bills stalled and did not receive a vote in either the Texas House or Senate before the end of the state’s 2021 legislative session.

Jones, however, said legalized and regulated Texas sports betting could be a boon for the game of football. Look at the way former Cowboys quarterback now CBS football announcer Tony Romo calls a game, he said. He can read a defense and inform viewers of plays before they happen, possibly potential scoring plays, which would intrigue people to bet on games they’re watching.

“He talks about how the safeties are too close to the hash, or the corner are too far in the middle or over on the hash. He’ll say the quarterback will see that, and the ball will be going over there in that direction. I picture right there millions of people making wagers right there by hearing that,” Jones said.

Unconcerned about sports betting corruption

In terms of possible abuses or corruption that may come from sports betting, Jones said he’s unconcerned.

“We need to make sure the terminology is common, but I can see our game enhanced tremendously, that aspect of it. I’m not the least concerned, I’m really not, of any abuses that could possibly be involved,” he said.