Deion Sanders did not like what he saw from Sunday’s Pro Bowl, and quickly sounded off about it, especially the changes from his days of playing in the end-of-season event.

“Lord help me. I’m watching the (NFL) Pro Bowl and I remember when we were so proud and appreciative of that accolade. We went to Hawaii to prove we were more than worthy so we competed at practice and in the game. I wanted u to know that PRIME was PRIME! What Happened & When?,” he tweeted.

As for the game itself, Mac Jones of the New England Patriots passed for 112 yards and threw a touchdown pass, and the former Alabama star also did a memorable rendition of the Griddy dance in the first Las Vegas edition of the NFL’s annual All-Star game, which returned after it was called off last year during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Justin Herbert of the Los Angeles Chargers won the offensive MVP award as the AFC won the game, 41-35, after he passed for 98 yards and found the Baltimore tight end Mark Andrews for two TDs in the first half of the Los Angeles Chargers star’s first Pro Bowl appearance. Andrews had 5 catches for 82 yards.

The AFC has won 5 consecutive Pro Bowls since the league returned to a conference format in the 2016-17 season. Its players took home $80,000 apiece from Vegas, while the NFC got $40,000, the Associated Press reported.