The Los Angeles Rams are fresh off a victory over the Cincinnati Bengals in Super Bowl LVI with DL Aaron Donald and QB Matthew Stafford leading the way.

The Rams don’t have a lot of picks ahead of the 2022 NFL Draft, which kicks off this Thursday in Las Vegas, but that just gave them more time to work on an incredible draft hype video.

The Rams don’t pick until Round 3, but it appears they’re trying to steal the 2022 NFL Draft. As you can see below, they enlisted Stafford, Donald and several other players, alongside some famous Hollywood actors, to put together a “Fast & Furious” meets “Ocean’s 11” style hype video:

That video must have taken a ton of time to produce. Thankfully, the social media team doesn’t have much else to do until the Rams are on the board late on Friday night.

Will the Rams do something as exciting as this trailer during this year’s draft? Unlikely, but we’ll see how things play out for the reigning champs anyway!