While former Cleveland Browns wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. is still mulling over offers from various teams, another team that has put their name in the ring is the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs definitely need help on offense as they and quarterback Patrick Mahomes have struggled so far this first half of the NFL season and could use the help.

Another reason Beckham may choose the Chiefs is to reunite with former LSU teammate Tyrann Mathieu.

According to Chiefs Digest, Mathieu heaped praise on his former teammate.

“First of all I think he’s an elite wide receiver, so I think all those want the football,” he said. “But outside of that he’s always been a standup guy, he’s always been a great teammate. I can remember instances back at LSU where he did a lot of the team bonding things, having guys over, working out with guys, staying late with guys after practice, so I think most of the people that know him and played with him I think we all see him as a pretty solid teammate.”

Beckham joining the Chiefs would definitely be a major get for this team that needs a spark.

Mathieu stopped short of formally lobbying for his former Tiger teammate.

“I don’t know if I’m necessarily campaigning but anytime you can add talent to the team that always benefits and helps the whole team,” Mathieu. “Obviously just from a personal perspective, just want him in the best situation possible going forward and hoping that whatever ends up for him, it can bring out the best in him.”