If you aren’t familiar with the name Richard Strauss, you likely will be as he gets more and more attention in the years to come.

That’s the point of most documentaries, to provide information on a subject many may presently be unfamiliar with.

Strauss was a former Ohio State sports doctor that worked for the school from 1978 to 1998, serving as an athletics and student health doctor at the school. During his time at the school, Strauss sexually abused at least 177 students.

Strauss later committed suicide after leaving Ohio State.

Now a docuseries is set to cover Strauss that will be produced by George Clooney’s Smokehouse Pictures will be teaming up with Sports Illustrated Studios to produce a series on the former Ohio State doctor according to The Hollywood Reporter.

“We’re very pleased to partner with 101 Studios and Sports Illustrated in bringing this devastating and tragic story to light,” Clooney said in a statement.

At this time, the untitled docuseries does not have a distributor but Smokehouse Pictures has had several of Clooney’s projects picked up by Netflix.