Coaches of Top 5 programs around the country were not just going to sit idle after Alabama coach Nick Saban last week said QB Bryce Young had already brought in nearly $1 million in name, image and likeness money since the rules were changed just on July 1st.

At Big Ten Media Days, Ohio State coach Ryan Day responded to the idea of NIL, who would get the most lucrative deals, and what the Buckeyes have to offer.

“I think that stuff will happen naturally and I think the focus for all those guys just has to be development,” Day said at Big Ten Media Days on Friday, per Bama OnLine. “If they’re worried about starting, if they’re worried about money, then they’re worried about the wrong things. Those things happen and they will come naturally. But I do think that we need to consider, down the road, somewhere along the line, maybe it’s a year from now, figuring out how we spread some of that money out.

“Certainly, the quarterback at Ohio State is going to have unbelievable opportunity. The wide receiver, the running back, there’s going to be certain positions, when you combine the brand of Ohio State, you combine the brand of Ohio State football, you combine the city of Columbus with our social media presence, it’s like the perfect alignment. So, the opportunity for our guys is going to be unlike anywhere else in the country.”

The Buckeyes, of course, have had a great run lately. They have won four straight Big Ten Championships and five of the last seven. They’ve also made the College Football Playoff four times.