Bob Stoops has kept busy in coaching most recently as the interim coach at Oklahoma following the departure of Lincoln Riley to Southern Cal. Now, with plans to coach in the XFL, Stoops has made a decision about his broadcasting duties with FOX Sports.

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Because FOX Sports has an agreement with the USFL, there’s a conflict of interest between Stoops’ upcoming role with the XFL, where he is one of 8 new coaches in 2023. Stoops said Wednesday on The Middle of the Day Show in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, that his time at FOX is over due to a conflict of interest with the XFL and the network’s USFL partnership.

“Well, truth be told, yeah — FOX is sponsoring and, or televising all of the USFL football games … so there’s a conflict there,” Stoops said, via 247Sports. “FOX didn’t really want me to do it because of the direct competition. … So that will preclude me from doing FOX, being that this — once it’s 2023, we’ll be in direct competition with FOX. But they’re a great team of people. I’ve just so enjoyed and appreciated my time with them, from people on the set to the people — just great, great, great people to work with. I had a lot of fun. But yeah, this will preclude me from doing that next year.”

Stoops’ departure has opened speculation that Urban Meyer would return to FOX Sports as an analyst, and Meyer has hinted at such a move in recent days.