General Booty no longer has just the greatest name in all of college football. He also has an NIL deal with an underwear brand.

The Oklahoma quarterback signed with Rock ‘Em. Photos came out of Booty rocking the underwear. A couple of photos featured the QB riding on horseback.

The red-colored underwear comes with the classic OU logo that Oklahoma fans have come to know. There are also two pairs of socks that can be brought as a part of the clothing line.

With a name like General Booty, the NIL opportunities are basically endless. Booty released a line of T-shirts involving his name last season. One of the designs featured “Booty Call” on the front.

Booty’s name has to be up there for one of the better ones among active players in college football. Alabama’s Kool-Aid McKinstry, LSU’s Major Burns, and South Carolina’s Hot Rod Fitten have to be in the conversation as well.

The NCAA probably didn’t foresee something like this happening when NIL deals became legal. General Booty is getting his money’s worth.