Will we see a Nike alternate from the Rebels this season?

Probably not, but you know how these unexpected reveals catch fire once they’re hyped via social media.

Ole Miss last updated its uniforms prior to the 2013 season, going for a simplistic, somewhat traditional two-color look with wide shoulder stripes on jerseys.

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Red, white and navy are the current jersey color options with grey, navy and white pants — fitting for a variety of combinations. (Thank goodness the all-grey alternate last worn during the 2010 campaign was shut down soon thereafter.)

For the first time since 1994, Ole Miss sported powder blue helmets with red accents last season against Memphis, honoring the late Chucky Mullins, a former player who was paralyzed during a game in 1989. The Rebels donned the powder blue helmets from 1948-77 and again from 1983-94.

Ole Miss does plan on wearing the powder blue helmet, red jersey, grey pants combo again this season.

Unlike most SEC teams, the Rebels’ pants styles vary. The ‘REBELS’ wordmark is unique only to the team’s navy pants and doesn’t appear on the white or grey options. Instead, wide navy and red vertical stripes adorn the grey set.

Arguably the rarest uniform combination is the Rebels’ navy-red-navy home alternate. It was worn only once last season against Presbyterian.


Hypothetically speaking, what would you like to see as an alternate uniform this fall? Red pants with a navy ‘REBELS’ wordmark would be a clean addition, preferably worn on the road with white jerseys and a new matte red helmet featuring a secondary Colonel Reb graphic.


Make it happen, Ross Bjork.

Current preferred uniform combinations