Clant Seay is doing what he believes is a public service for the fans of Ole Miss football.

The 71-year-old Seay sat outside the lobby of an Embassy Suites in Cincinnati on Monday and Tuesday where Ole Miss had its hearing with the NCAA’s Committee on Infractions, according to Antonio Morales of The Clarion-Ledger. Seay was there along with other members of the Mississippi media, observing, taking notes and pictures of the people coming and going.

“I just think the public needs to be informed,” Seay said. “I think they have a better understanding of what’s happening here, a better appreciation…  The whole university is involved in this. In that room right behind me.”

Seay is not a member of the media. Instead, he is a lawyer and Ole Miss fan from Oxford. Perhaps best known for his message board identity, he goes by “jhvaught” on the Ole Miss forums, he’s apparently been kicked out of one board only to jump to another in the past.

Here’s an excerpt on Seay from Morales’ article:

“If you need to know anything about jhvaught, it’s that he’s obsessed with Ole Miss,” Ole Miss Spirit editor Ben Garrett said, “but also, he’s not afraid to stand firmly behind his stances because he’s been banned from the Ole Miss Spirit message boards, immediately went to RebelGrove and started with the same shtick … and now, he’s here. That’s surreal.”

Considering all the twists and turns and false narratives in this story over the many years, somehow this news shouldn’t come as a surprise.