Lane Kiffin has been among the hottest topics in college football as of late not only because of the rate pop success he has had as the head coach of the Ole Miss Rebels, but because his name has consistently swirled around in the rumor mill as the Auburn head coaching search continues.

HGTV host and staunch Rebels fan Ben Napier recently gave his two cents on what he thinks Kiffin’s future could look like.

“I think that he is (going to be at Ole Miss next year),” Napier said. “My wife just called from behind the camera and said, ‘yeah, he’s going to be there, Auburn’s a lateral move for him.'”

There’s no question that Kiffin can remain at Ole Miss as long as he wants and that he has already exceeded expectations. Whether or not he jumps places remains to be seen and will likely come down to a number of factors — money most definitely included — as the search plays out.