The Egg Bowl may not get enough respect nationally, but according to one of the players actively involved in the rivalry, there’s not a better rivalry in the Southeastern Conference than the one between Ole Miss and Mississippi State.

During a recent appearance on the Saturday Down South Podcast, Ole Miss linebacker MoMo Sanogo shared his thoughts on where the Egg Bowl ranks among the SEC’s best rivalries.

“No shot any other team has a rivalry like we do. Auburn and Alabama, they’ll still be friends after the game. There’s no friendship here,” Sanogo said on the show. “It’s a fun rivalry to be a part of. People gotta show up to see what it’s like. No chance the Iron Bowl has it.”

Being a Texas native and witnessing the bad blood between the Aggies and the Longhorns, Sanogo thought he knew all about the hatred a college football rivalry could produce.

He’s willing to admit he was wrong about that after experiencing several Egg Bowls.

“Being from Texas, the rivalry I knew was Texas A&M-Texas,” Sanogo added. “Then (A&M) went to the SEC and that kind of ended. But here is just a little bit different. It’s like fans don’t even like each other. It’s not just like fans don’t like the teams. It’s like, ‘I don’t like you because you’re a fan of the other school.’ It’s just a culture of we’re gonna beat you, no matter what happens with the rest of our schedule, we just wanna beat each other. It’s just so funny to me.

“Even my high school rivalry, it was big, but after the game, it was whatever. (Ole Miss-MSU) is a year-round rivalry. Every sport. Tennis. Every sport is a rivalry. It’s just crazy.”