Eli Manning’s “Monday Night Football” alternate broadcast with brother Peyton Manning has been a hit with football fans. While the role has Manning “calling” pro football games, the former Ole Miss quarterback doesn’t consider himself a broadcaster and won’t be looking to go down that path.

Manning as a potential broadcaster was discussed during his recent appearance on Adam Schefter’s podcast. He had a humorous explanation for why the “ManningCast” appeals more than a traditional booth job (via Awful Announcing):

“When I retired, I said I have zero interest in getting into broadcasting. I don’t want to do it. I would be horrible at it…I don’t consider myself a broadcaster. I’m just sitting on my couch, making fun of Peyton.”

Manning likes that his work for ESPN (“Monday Night Football,” “Eli’s Places”) keeps him close to the game.

“I’ve enjoyed it. Just doing projects that I truly enjoy and I like. Doing places where it’s about college football and the history of college football and gets to reflect on my time in college and talk to other athletes, football players, coaches that I grew up watching or seen their games or have personal relationships with,” said Manning. “Doing Monday Night Football, it keeps me in the game of football. It keeps me preparing and watching film and getting to talk with coaches and current players in the preparation for the upcoming games and also get to have some fun interviews.”

Based on the popularity of the Monday night “ManningCast” and “Eli Place’s” clips like Chad Powers, Manning is here to stay as a football media personality.