During the New York Giants’ 44-20 loss to the Dallas Cowboys Sunday, a couple of fights broke out between the two teams toward the end of the contest. One fight resulted in rookie Kadarius Toney being ejected from the game. Another incident took place with former Ole Miss tight end Evan Engram, who said he was punched also by a Cowboys player.

Engram said this about the incident that took place, according to 247Sports:

“I walked up on him. He walked up on me kinda, saying some stuff. He threw the punch.” Engram said this week. “We had some guys there that separated us, so it was kind of boom, boom. He stole one-off, and everybody was there to separate us. So I kinda just let it go. I dapped up some of my old coaches and friends on the other side [afterward] and went into the locker room.”

Engram also stated he knew if he fought back, that he could be issued a fine by the NFL.

“I don’t need any of that,” Engram said. “It was a little baby punch anyway. It was soft. So I definitely want to keep my money in my pocket. I’m good.”