In the opinion of FOX Sports analyst Joel Klatt, “the next Dak Prescott” may be Prescott’s former Egg Bowl rival, Chad Kelly.

Klatt was on the “Jox Roundtable” on WJOX-FM in Birmingham to talk about the NFL Draft when the question was posed which mid-round draft pick this year could find rookie success similar to Prescott.

“Chad Kelly’s got the moxie to go in and think that he can play,” Klatt said. “That’s a big deal in the National Football League.

“Then two, he’s got a lot of ability and he’s an anticipatory thrower. That’s something we don’t always see in college football a lot. It’s always I want to see my guy open, then I’m going to cut it loose.

“He gets the ball down the field very well, he’s confident and got all that swag. He’ll tell you all about it. It’s because of those reasons, if the was one guy in the middle rounds who I think could have success early? I think it’s Chad Kelly.”

While it’s a fun question, it is worth noting that Dallas didn’t draft Prescott under the assumption he would be taking over the starting quarterback job. Tony Romo broke a bone in his back, and Prescott stepped into an offense with one of the league’s most dominant lines, a running back who would go on to earn first-team All-Pro honors (Ezekiel Elliot) and an elite wide receiver (Dez Bryant).

As a probable mid-round pick, Kelly will likely be drafted by a team looking for a backup in 2017. Prescott and Kelly have very little in common when it comes to demeanor, but if there’s one thing they share, it’s confidence in their abilities.

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