Lane Kiffin is receiving a nice raise to move on from FAU.

The new Ole Miss coach was scheduled to make $950,000 annually coaching for FAU but will be making far more than that coaching in Oxford.

According to Ben Garrett of the Ole Miss Spirit, Kiffin will be making $3.9 million to start in Oxford. Kiffin’s salary raises to $4 million in 2021, $4.1 in 2022 and $4.2 in 2023. Mississippi state laws do not allow contracts to go beyond four years in length, so the maximum deal the school could get Kiffin is a four-year deal.

Garrett is also reporting that Kiffin will be allotted $5.3 million for his assistant coach pool, which is divided as Kiffin sees fit among his 10 assistants and $2.2 million for his support staff.

Those figures should be music to the ears of Ole Miss fans as Kiffin has secured as serious financial commitment from the university to get the football program back on track. With the money to go out and attract the best, and given his ties to coaches from coast to coast and in the SEC, look for Kiffin to land a coaching staff that will rival most around the nation.